In 1967, our founders, Don and Jessie Caldwell, pioneered the prepaid legal service industry in the United States. We have been protecting our members, their families, their businesses, and their employees ever since.

Caldwell Legal offers affordable prepaid legal plans for individuals, small businesses, and groups across the United States. Our plans allow you to consult with an attorney to obtain the legal advice you need, in addition to providing many additional services (such as a will and document review) at no additional charge. In the case of more complicated legal matters, our members can be referred to qualified local attorneys at a significantly discounted rate.

As an insurance broker in California, Don Caldwell saw the day-to-day legal challenges his clients faced. He came to understand the struggles a family endured when a spouse or a parent died without having an estate plan in place. Many of his clients were simply not able to afford the legal services they needed. Drawing on his insurance background, Mr. Caldwell felt that it must be possible to have group legal, which would work much in the same way as group medical. Through a lot of work and perseverance, he came up with the idea of prepaid plans of legal benefits.

From the early 1960's, he went state by state, lobbying state bars and legislatures, even testifying in favor of enabling legislation. Mr. and Mrs. Caldwell designed the foundational legal plan that sparked a nationwide industry. All prepaid legal benefit plans on the market today are imitations of their original idea. Caldwell Legal is our helping hand to those people who need legal services, all at a yearly price that costs less than most lawyers charge per hour.

When Mr. Caldwell passed away in 1993, his wife assumed the Presidency of Caldwell Legal and took over the day-to-day operations of the business. Mrs. Caldwell serves as the Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Over the years, we've continued to add services to meet the current challenges facing our membership base. We added Tax Hotline to provide advice and consultation on federal tax issues. In response to the rise of identity theft, we added advice and direction on how to protect your identity in this digital age. After the collapse of the housing market and onset of the recession, we focused on providing information and discounted services for consumer credit issues, loan modifications, and foreclosures.

We adapt to meet the needs of our members and ensure that they receive the best legal protection we can provide.

Caldwell Legal is based in Sacramento, California.

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